How to sell on Afro


With Afro seller support system we have been able to give our users the opportunity to not only buy from us but also be able to sell their product under the name of Afro Sure Company, with our good search algorithm our users are able to search and find the product they are most interested in.  As a seller with Afro you are guaranteed to always make good sales on your product. 

To become a seller on afro sure you need to first create a seller account with us, kindly follow the link to Register Your Shop or scroll down to the bottom of our home page and locate the Be A Seller option click the Apply Now button. fill in your details correctly and click the Register Your Shop button to register your account. Note you will be sent an email to verify your account ( it is important you register with a valid email address ) Go to your email box and click the link to verify your seller account.

Once you have verified your email address, Login to your seller account and scroll down if you are on a mobile device and locate the verify now button 

Click on the button and Fill the form then submit for verification. It will take our agent 6 to 12 hours to check your account setup and approve it for sales. when your account is approved you will get an email notification informing you that your shop application as been accepted and approved. 

Set Up your Shop Payment Account. 
Now that your account has been created and approved, its time to setup your account to be able to receive payment on all your items sold on our platform. login to your Afro Seller account using your email and password you created.

On your dashboard scroll down and look for Payment Settings once you find it, you will see a configure Now button click it and select your payment option you want and fill in your bank account details.

Bank Name
Bank Account Name 
Bank Account Number

Once you have filled in the details click on the update Profile to save your account details. 

Still on your dashboard scroll down and locate the shop settings 

Click On Go to setting and fill in the information for your shop.  you can also upload your shop banner and add your social media accounts. 

To be able to upload your product on Afro, you will need to subscribe to our uploading Packages. on your Dashboard click on the menu tab and select package, On the drop down menu click on Purchases

Our packages
StartUp Package = seller will be able to upload 100 products.
Basic Package  = seller will be able to upload 200 products.

How our upload package works. 
If you purchase the startup plan to get 100 upload, you will need to purchase the Base plan once you have used up all the upload on the startup plan. Once you upgrade to the basic plan you will get an addition 100 upload count making a total of 200. 

When you have subscribed you will be able to upload your products and you are now ready to sell on AFRO. Note our product upload count and fee may change from time to time. 

When you sell on Afro we take it upon our self to make sure your product reach a wild audience to enable you make more sales on our platform. we give all our sellers the opportunity to sell at any price they see fit for their product. 
It is important to let you know that Afro will take 10% on each items sold on our platform as a services charge for hosting your store on our website.

As a seller on Afro, it is very important that you meet our requirement on how your product image should be present. All product uploaded by seller are review by our agents and approved if it meets our requirements.

Image can be in any of this format (jpg, jpeg, png, webp)
Image should have a very clear and clean background(White preferable)
Product should be well titled( we will not approve any product that content words like: pussy, ass, prick, dick)
Product can not content any abusive words
Product should have a good description explaining to our customer what the item is all about.

Congratulation On setting Up Your Afro Seller Account Successfully.