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Afro Gift cards are a much better surprise card to share with friends and loved ones, it is secure, helpful, and simple to utilize online. many people cherish Gift cards rather than cash since they can be stored in your afro wallet and prepared to utilize any time of day. Afro gift cards take after a credit card and have a smooth, recognizable plan, and they never fail during the transaction process.  

Redeem at your convenience time, it does expire.

You can use the Afro Gift Card to purchase any item from our website  no card is needed

You can redeem your gift card on the Web or any device that has the Afro App

Surprise a friend or loved one with the Afro Gift Card. it's an ideal gift.

How to Redeem an Afro Gift Card.

How does that Afro Gift Card work, simple purchase the card from the afro website or get the physical card from any vendor shop. login to your account and click on the My Account tab to show the side menu. click on the My Wallet and enter your gift card code and amount. it will immediately add the money to your afro wallet. 

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